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Mooring Ref: 77
General Location:

Close to Tighnabruaich village pontoon / RNLI slipway


On inner line of moorings

100 metres south of pontoon

Owner: Five West (

* Terms & Conditions of use:


The owners will take reasonable and proportionate steps to maintain the equipment that they provide at the Mooring Site in reasonably good working order. This includes an annual inspection and service by a suitable experienced contractor. ( Toward Moorings & Towage Ltd ) However, the owner will not be liable:


  1. if the facilities they are responsible for providing fail temporarily; and/or

  2. if they have taken reasonable action to remedy any disrepair, defects or faults to services or facilities they are responsible for providing; and/or

  3. for any failure of or disruption to any facilities supplied to you at the Mooring Site which are provided by third parties

  4. if you have caused or contributed to any damage, defects or faults, including moving the mooring though overloading the ground tackle.


If the owner needs undertake any work of repair or replacement as a result of your actions, they shall be entitled to claim from you any costs and expenses they incur in carrying out such work.


The owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as extreme weather conditions


By placing the order and make payment you are accepting these conditions.

* Accept terms & make payment

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